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Carts For Warriors was conceptualized by Joseph Miner. Joe was a protege of Korky Korkes in the 1970s and worked with the team that constructed the NFL and MLB carts during that era. While managing George Barris’ shop in the mid 1960s Korky was team captain and a builder of the 1966 Batmobile, the Munster Coach, Gandpa’s coffin car [Drag-u-LA], and the Bob Hope golf cart. With a partner, Dan Dempski he built the the BatCyle and BatCart . Korky then opened his own shop, Korky’s Kustom Studios and built the Corvette Summer movie car, and 100s of movie, celebrity and show cars you have most likely seen. Korky is an icon in the custom car business and has been featured in over 450 magazines.

Joe discussed the Carts For Warriors with Korky, who agreed to participate, and then pitched the idea to Michael Gale Black, Randy Leffingwell, Mike Regalia and many others. All agreed to lend their support and the Carts For Warriors program was born! After a painful wait we were awarded our 501c3 non profit status mid-April 2013. Now it’s full steam ahead.

The Carts For Warriors program is the current focus of the ABC Organization, a non profit 501 c3 Charitable corporation. The goal is to design, convert, manufacture and donate specialized vehicles to wounded veterans and deserving persons who would benefit from this our uniquely modified transportation. We also gift non-modified vehicles that we believe would benefit our targeted group.

We are now ramping up our organization. We are soliciting donations of all types from those who love their machines… a side goal and benefit of the DYP donation management arm is to preserve vintage parts by allowing the owners of these items, who have them stored in some cubby hole in their shop or garage for decades, a legitimate tax write off for their contribution. You get a great deduction, we stock, refurbish and sell the item to the only person on earth looking for that left rear 1957 Cadillac trim strip, or Piper Cub front seat.

We will cheerfully take your complete vehicle and market it in such as way as to bring you the best return, and the highest write-off that you can legally receive. We accept customs, hot rods, show cars, boats, yachts, RVs, recreational vehicles, personal watercraft, aircraft, mopeds, motorcycles, street bikes, motocross bikes, dragsters, Indy cars, F1 cars and practically anything with a motor (we need trailers too!)… so if you have a Mclaren, Maserati, Mooney, moped or Montessa we will welcome your donation, be good stewards of your donation, and put the funds to good use making the lives of our warriors, hopefully… just that much easier to deal with.

The collection and sale of these items will allow us to fuel our goals of giving, free of charge, modified vehicles to our beloved warriors wounded in battle, who have given so much for our country. The least we can do is give a little back. We also plan to assist individuals such as those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing.

All of this is a work in progress at the moment, so please excuse the dust.

Search our eBay listings under “cartsforwarriors” or visit our in-house listings at

We have built carts for warriors before…. perhaps you remember the warriors who rode in these carts during the National League Football Games? Or Batman and Robin?

Now we are making carts for our most important and deserving warriors… our American heroes. Please contact us for more information: or call us at 702.605.8626 or 888.320.5272.

Additionally we have two sister websites you may visit for more information: and

This and our other sites are a work in progress…. send us a comment below and many thanks for anything you can do to help!



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